QDD, QTB, QTA, QTP Quadra channel Sound Controller


A built-in distortion on Electric guitars that has been designed on the Simulation of Historical Drive Sounds.
In general, an external effector has been used the Distortion effect because of the fact that the external effector make more professional drive lately.
However, the QDD can make a precisely simulated sound with very simple and economical way of  installation and provide a various distortion features that allows to increase your guitar's commercial value.
The way to install the QDD inside of guitar can eliminate the cable noise.  
- Low profile / True bypass @ Clean tone / Heavy Metal distortion / Improved overdrive tone /
  No switch poping niose / Long battery lifetime (3000 hours)

This is 4 step clean booster with passive bypass mode.
The QTB has 4 different level of gain control
- Low profile / True bypass @ Clean tone /  0dB /  6dB / 14dB / 20dB
  No switch poping niose / Long battery lifetime (3000 hours)

This circuit was inspired by the historical 5 band tone selector used on Vintage guitars.
It has an Active and Passive version.
The QTA circuit has the gain control and provides 4 different peak resonances.
The low output impedance provides operation stability and low noise level.
The QTP has the passive tone filter of the traditional RC methods that makes 4 different tones while very little level is reduced.

Easy installation on any passive pickup or active or bass guitars.
The system requires very little currents (QTA, QDD : 0.16 mA) from a 9 V alkaline battery.
Use the SMT and a closed Switch location to make the installation easy.
 (more than 4000 hours in continuous use. - workable voltage : drop down to 5 V ). 

Applications : Electric Guitar and Electric Basses